Chemical Peels

ChemicalPeelsDoes your face look tired and dull?
Concerned with wrinkled, sagging skin?
Do you suffer from clogged pores or acne?
A chemical peel is the perfect solution.
Our peels use a variety of safe, effective ingredients to rejuvenate and smooth the skin.

During the process, a targeted solution is applied, exfoliating the top layers and revealing beautiful, glowing skin.

Glycolic Peels
Glycolic Peels are a safe and painless exfoliation process that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin. Removal of damaged cells stimulates cell division that results in plumper, healthier young cells.  The Glycolic Peel procedure smoothes and softens the skin, diminishes fine lines, decreases acne outbreaks, evens out discoloration and lightens hyperpigmentation.

Vi Peel™
The Vi Peel will improve the tone, texture and clarity of your skin while reducing hyperpigmentation, fine lines and acne lesions.  Why wait weeks or months for results when you can enjoy beautiful, radient skin in less than a week?

Brightening Peel
This is an excellent maintenance treatment to diminish the ravaging effects of time and to enhance the skin’s overall appearance.  This peel is designed to loosen debris from the skin leaving a Brightening appearance to your skin. A great peel for any special occasion.

Pumpkin Peel
The Pumpkin Peel is good for anyone at any age.  Pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant which offers more than 100 beneficial components, including the highest concentration of natural Vitamins A, C and beta-carotene.

Sensi Peel
The Sensi Peel is designed for the special needs of mature, ethnic, and/or sun-damaged skin.  Effective for reducing appearance of age spots, acne scars, fine lines, freckles, superficial hyperpigmentation, and pregnancy related pigmentation.  Sensi Peel is excellent for helping calm rosacea, as the redness and inflammation subside substantially after treatment.

MicroPeels are a safe and effective procedure customized to meet the needs of all skin types.  The process starts with a dermaplaning to remove the dead cellular layers of the skin.  Next, an AHA solution is applied to the skin to help free pores of impacted debris.  A great peel with no downtime.  The perfect special occasion peel!

Modified Jessner
An advanced chemical exfoliation with a Modified Jessner’s formula optimized freshness and vitality of the skin.  This preparation is especially made for congested, dehydrated, sun damaged, or hyperpigmented skin.

Medical Microdermabrasion
Medical Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, gently abrasion (skin polishing) treatment followed immediately with a glycolic chemical peel.  This combination reveals a newer, healthier, younger looking skin.  Great for acne scars, sun damaged skin, uneven and granular skin, melasma, age spots, enlarged pores, and dull, flat, “tired-looking” skin.